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Technical building equipment (TBE); Sustainability....

The most changes and renovations happened in the technical building equipment.

For just one example of those many changes we mentioned the renewable energies, e.g. photo-voltaic or decentralized energy through cogeneration units. All of this purposed that the planning of the TBE must be seen as really important. The complex connection of the entire TBE-trades, such as heating, ventilation, refrigeration, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical and sewage is completely planned, staged and controlled by Lißner engineers + architects. You will profit of our detailed knowledge of the market in terms of suppliers and products. We work independently of machine manufacturers and firms. This allows us to access the entire market-spectrum to achieve the best result for you. Of course we will keep the workplace regulations, environmental and product liability laws throughout the planning. An important aspect that we observe is, in addition to security of supply through the technical building equipment, your energy and cost savings. The monitoring of the budget and the time frame is our highest priority throughout the planning.

In the TBE we will work through the planning phases of the HOAI as well.

We can assist you with our experience and our know-how with any decision or question concerning your project. Please do not hesitate to communicate your task or question to us, we will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

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