Extension and reconstruction of a meat processing plant during operation

In 2016, the Biomanufaktur Havelland GmbH reached its capacity limits of 2 to/day due to high demand for organic products and a rebuild became urgently necessary.

With master planning in the first step, the operation was replanned and expanded to meet growing demand. Material flows and personnel routes were optimized and energy consumption was greatly reduced by a new cooling system.

The project was realized in four construction phases during ongoing production. Through careful planning, our extensive experience and in close coordination with the customer, the burden on the biomanufacturer was minimal.

In May 2019, the new premises were officially inaugurated and were very much to the satisfaction of the Biomanufaktur usable as planned, and the costs also deviated only slightly from the cost estimate.

With the start of the conversion measures at the end of 2017, two tons per day were produced in the plant. Today, four tons per day are processed and capacity has been created for up to 6.5 with an eye to the future.

Both sides are highly satisfied with the result and the basis for further successful cooperation has been created.

Construction time



10.943 m³

Production area

2.000 m²

Scope of services

  • Actual recording
  • Production planning
  • Optimization production flow
  • Planning of building trades and TGA
  • Approval
  • Execution
  • Tender/award
  • Project Management

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